Gowind 2500 Class

Operator: Egypt
Status: On Order
Number: 4
Ships: Unknown
Cost: €1 billion
Acquired: Ordered June 2014; Delivery expected in 2017
General Specs:
Country of origin: France
Class: Corvette
Manufacturer: DCNS
Introduced: 2010
Displacement: 2,600 tons
Length: 333.4 ft (102 m)
Beam: 52.5 ft (16 m)
Draft: 11.8 ft (3.6 m)
Hull Material: Unknown
Propulsion: Diesel/Electric
Speed: 28.8 mph (25 kt)
Range: 4,257.9 miles (6,852 km/3,700 nm) @15 kt
Endurance: 3 weeks without replenishment
Fuel Capacity: Unknown
Crew: 65
Guns: 1 x 57mm or 76mm gun
2 x remote control small caliber guns
Anti-air: 16 x MICA VL
Anti-ship: 8 x Exocet MM40
Other: Torpedo launching system
Radar/Sensors: SETIS combat system
3D search radar
Sonar suite
Defense/ Countermeasures: Electronic warfare (EW) suite
Other: Landing deck for 10 ton helicopter
UAV operations capability


DCNS Cuts Deal With Egypt for 4 Gowind Ships

French shipbuilder DCNS has sold four Gowind warships to Egypt, with the first 2,500-ton corvette to be built in France and the remaining three in Alexandria through a technology transfer, a company spokesman said Friday. The contract was signed in June and has now gone into effect, the spokesman said. The spokesman declined to confirm the €1 […]

DCNS Wins €1Bn Egyptian Order for Corvettes

Egypt recently awarded French shipyard group DCNS a €1 billion contract for the acquisition of four Gowind corvettes, the French news website La Tribune reported June 3, adding that the French offer had beaten off rival bids from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Meko A200 corvettes) and the Dutch Damen Schelde group (Sigma corvette). This contract […]