Yono Class (Ghadir)

Operator: North Korea Iran
Status: In Service In Service
Number: 10 (one may have disappeared in March 2016) 20
Names: Unnamed Unnamed
Cost: $18 million each
Acquired: 2004 2005 – Present
General Specs
Country of origin: North Korea
Class: Multipurpose midget submarine
Manufacturer: North Korea with copies produced in Iran (Iranian copies known as the Ghadir class)
Introduced: Early 2000s
Displacement: 130 – 150 tons
Propulsion: Diesel Electric
Power: Unknown
Max Speed: 12.7 mph (11 knots)
Length: 95.1 ft (29 m)
Beam: 9.0 ft (2.75 m)
Height: 15.7 ft (4.8 m)
Draft: 8.2 ft (2.5 m)
Dive Depth Unknown
Hull Material: Unknown
Fuel Capacity: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Crew: 18
Armament: 2 x torpedo tubes
Missiles Reports suggest Iran attempted to launch an unspecified cruise missile from a Yono class submarine, however the test apparently failed.
Torpedos CHT-02D torpedo
Mines EM-50 mines
Other: None
Sonar/Sensors: Non-indigenous commercial systems
Countermeasures/Defenses: None
Notes: A North Korean Yono class submarine is believed to have fired a torpedo and sunk the South Korean corvette, ROKS Cheonan, on March 26, 2010, killing 46 sailors.
Yono submarines can also be used to covertly deliver special operations personnel onto hostile shores.


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