FREMM Frigate

French Navy Plans Around Ship Sale to Egypt

The French Navy sees no problem with a prospective sale of the Normandie multimission frigate to Egypt, and in return has asked that sister ships be delivered more quickly so it has six of the new warships delivered by 2018, Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Bernard Rogel said. The Normandie, a 6,000-ton frigate or frégate […]

Egypt Seeks Bank Loans for French Arms Buy

Egypt is seeking a bank loan to partially finance a prospective order for the Rafale fighter jet, a multimission frigate and missiles, an unusual financing deal likely to require high-level political support, two analysts said. A deal with Egypt would enable a speedy export order seen as needed to relieve severe budgetary pressure on France, […]

Egypt Indicates Interest in FREMM Multi-Mission Frigate

Plus de 600 millions d’euros, c’est la valeur de cette frégate multimissions FREMM que Le Caire souhaite acquérir. La France est prête à lui livrer la frégate Normandie en voie de finition. Décidément, l’appétit des militaires égyptiens pour les matériels d’armement tricolores est insatiable. Après les corvettes Gowind (quatre signées pour 1 milliard d’euros et […]

MBDA Details MM 40 Block 3 Orders

European missile house MBDA has revealed that it has now secured orders for approximately 400 MM 40 Block 3 Exocet anti-ship missiles and more than 50 firing installations from nine customers worldwide. The latest instantiation of the Exocet sea-skimming anti-ship missile line, the MM 40 Block 3 embodies significant performance and technology improvements, including air-breathing […]

DCNS Delivers Multimission Frigate Mohammed VI

DCNS has handed over the multimission frigate Mohammed VI to the Royal Moroccan Navy on time, on budget and with performance as promised. This is the second vessel of this type designed and built by DCNS in a production run of 12 ships for the French and Moroccan Navies. The Mohammed VI benefits from the […]