FREMM Frigate

Egypt Interested in More Corvettes

Egypt is considering purchasing two corvettes from France, after taking delivery of a FREMM frigate earlier this month and expecting four Gowind corvettes in the coming years. A French diplomat told Agence France Presse (AFP) on Saturday that there is a bid for two more corvettes, with discussions ongoing. French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian […]

Egypt to Receive FREMM Frigate on 23 June

France will hand over the FREMM (Frégate Européenne Multi-Missions) frigateNormandie (D651) to the Egyptian Navy on 23 June at the company’s shipyard in Lorient, Western France. The ship will retain its pennant number, although despite reports suggesting it will be re-named Al-Cairo , its new name is still to be revealed. The ceremony will take […]

Egypt Preparing to Receive FREMM frigate

In two weeks time the Egyptian Navy will receive a FREMM frigate from France, where Egyptian sailors are currently undergoing training on the vessel. Egypt ordered the vessel in February this year and plans to take delivery on 23 June, with the frigate arriving in Egypt in time for the celebration marking the expansion of […]

CEO: Thales To Book Nearly €1B on Egypt Deal

The French government’s recent €5.2 billion (US $5.9 billion) sale of arms to Egypt will bring in close to €1 billion to Thales, an “extra large” deal, Patrice Caine, chairman of the electronics company, said. Thales’ share of the deal with Egypt is “not far from €1 billion,” he told a press conference on the […]

DCNS Exports Pegged to Egypt Frigate Order

The French government provided a financing structure that was crucial to the sale of a sophisticated multimission frigate to Egypt, a source close to the deal said. “Without the financing structure there would not have been the contract,” the source said. Cairo signed the contract on Feb. 16 with DCNS for the frigate, part of […]