Operator: Saudi Arabia
Status: In Service
Number: ~12
Acquired: 2011
General Specs
Country of origin: Italy
Role: Unarmed reconnaissance
Manufacturer: Selex ES
Introduced: 2003
Take-Off: Automatic conventional Short Take Off or Catapult launch
Landing: Automatic landing, Tactical Short Landing or parachute recovery
Power plant: 65 hp Gasoline engine
Wingspan: 23.6 ft (7.2 m)
Length: 17.22 ft (5.25 m)
Height: 5.9 ft (1.8 m)
Maximum takeoff weight: 925.94 lb (420 kg) [max payload: 154.32lbs (70kg)]
Fuel Capacity:
Speed: 134.22 mph (212.9 km/h)
Ceiling: 16404.2 ft (5000 m)
Endurance: 8-14 hours
Range: Data Link range of 124.27 miles (200 km)
Operators: Autonomous navigation and control system
Armament: None
Radar/Sensors: AESA radar
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Maritime Surveillance Radar
Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
Hyperspectral sensors
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) sensors
Countermeasures/Defenses: Chaff/Flares dispenser
Misc Systems: NATO-compliant Ground Control Station
Laser designator