333mm Fajr 5 (M-75)

Operator: Iran Hamas Hezbollah
Status: In Service In Service In Service
Number: Hundreds Dozens Hundreds
Cost: Unknown Gift from Iran Gift from Iran
Acquired: Early 1990s Pre-2012 Pre-2006
General Specs
Country of origin: Iran (based on Chinese WS-1 MRL)
Manufacturer: Aerospace Industries Organization
Introduced: Early 1990s
Category Long-range unguided artillery rocket
Rocket Weight: 2017.2 lbs (915 kg)
Rocket Length: 21.3 ft (6.5 m)
Barrel/Tube Length: Varying lengths
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Platform: Mercedes-Benz 2624 or Mercedes-Benz 2831 with 4 launch tubes or concealed tube launcher
Caliber: 333mm
Propulsion: Solid fuel
Breech: N/A
Recoil: N/A
Rate of Fire: 1 round every 4-8 seconds
Range: 46 miles (75 km)
Traverse: 45 degrees left and right
Sights: N/A
Accuracy: Low
Crew: 2-3
Ammunition: 175 kg (385 lbs) warhead – either high explosives (HE), frag, submunitions, incendiary, smoke, or chemical payloads
Notes: Truck launched variants reported have 20 km remote launch capability.
Hezbollah first fired at Israel in 2006 Lebanon war and Hamas fired into Israel during 2012 and 2014 Gaza wars.
Guided variant known as the Fajr-5-C was unveiled in February 2017.


Iran Unveils Guided 333 mm Artillery Rocket

The Iranian Ministry of Defence unveiled a range of new weapons on 6 February, the most potentially significant being a guided version of the 333 mm Fajr-5 artillery rocket. The unguided Fajr-5 is already in service with Iranian-backed militant groups Hizbullah and Hamas, which could use a guided version to carry out more accurate attacks […]

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Hamas Asks Iran for Money, Weapons

During a celebration to mark Hamas’ inauguration, which was held in the Gaza Strip on Dec. 14, Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, expressed his thanks to Iran for supporting Hamas with money and weapons and providing it with rockets and anti-tank missiles. Before Hamas expressed its thanks to Iran, a high-level visit to Tehran was made […]

Iran Says It Gave Missile Technology to Hamas

Hamas is able to fire missiles into Israel because Tehran provided weapons technology to the militant group to defend itself against Israeli attacks, a senior Iranian official said Monday. Officials from Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards have said in the past that Fajr-5 missiles are part of Hamas’ Gaza Strip arsenal, whose technology has been supplied […]

Sudan Denies Providing Rockets to Hamas

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