F-14A Tomcat

Operator: Iran
Status: In Service
Number: <20 (79 Originally)
Cost: $2 Billion part of Project Persian King
Acquired: 1976-1978
General Specs
Country of origin: USA
Role: Air Superiority Fighter
Manufacturer: Grumman Aerospace Corporation
Introduced: 1974
Power plant: 2 x Pratt & Whitney TF30
Thrust: 20,900 lbs per engine
Wingspan: Unswept: 64 ft (19 m); Swept: 38 ft (11.4 m)
Length: 62 ft 9 in (18.9 m)
Height: 16 ft (4.8 m)
Weight (empty): 40,104 lbs
Maximum takeoff weight: 72,900 lbs
Fuel Capacity:
Speed: 1,544 mph (Mach 2+)
Ceiling: 50,000+ ft
Range: 500 nm mission radius
Crew: 2
Armament: 10 hardpoints or 13,000 lbs
Guns 1 x interally mounted 20mm M61 Vulcan with 675 rounds
Air-to-air R-73E
Radar/Sensors: AN/AWG-9 Radar
Countermeasures/Defenses: AN/ALR-45 Countermeasure Warning and Control System
Misc Systems:
Combat Kills: 160
Combat Loses: 5

Iran Optimizing F14 Fighter Jets for New Missions

A senior Air Force commander praised Iran’s capability as the only country, besides the US, that can overhaul F14 fighter jets, adding that Iranian experts have mounted new radar and weapons systems on the aircraft to optimize it for new missions. “We can firmly say that the only place in the world that F14 fighters […]

Iran’s Army Overhauls Fighter Jets

Iran, which made steadfast achievements in the military sphere, has overhauled F-4 and F-14 jet fighters successfully. The Iranian army experts overhauled the F-14 fighter jet after 35,000 person-hour work at the Shahid Babaei air base in Isfahan, Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported on September 9. Also, an F-4 fighter jet was overhauled after 70,000 […]