EMB-314 (A-29) Super Tucano

Operator: United Arab Emirates Iraq Lebanon
Status: On Order To be transferred from UAE On Order
Number: 24 Unknown 6
Cost: Unknown Donated $462 million
Acquired: First 6 immediately from the Brazilian Air Force inventory, unclear when the remaining 18 will arrive January 2015 Approved June 2015 and contract awarded October 2015, expected delivery before July 31, 2019
General Specs
Country of origin: Brazil/United States
Role: Light attack/Counter-insurgency aircraft
Manufacturer: Embraer Defense and Security
Introduced: December 2003
Power plant: 1 x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68/3 turboprop
Thrust: 1,600 SHP
Wingspan: 36.5 ft (11.1 m)
Length: 37.3 ft (11.3 m)
Height: 13 ft (4 m)
Weight (empty): 7,055 lbs (3,200 kg)
Maximum takeoff weight: 11,905 lbs (5,400 kg)
Fuel Capacity:
Speed: 366.6 mph (590 km/h)
Ceiling: 35,000 ft (10,668 m)
Range: internal fuel: 826.4 miles (1,330 km)
with external tanks: 1,774 miles (2,855 km)
Crew: 2
Armament: 5 x hardpoints w/ 3,306.9 lbs (1,500 kg)
Guns: 2 x internal .50 cal machine guns (200 rounds each)
Air-to-air: AIM-9 Sidewinder
Air-to-ground: 2 x 20mm gun pods
Mk 81 250 lb bombs w/ precision-guided kits
Mk 82 500 lb bombs w/ precision-guided kits (GBU-12 Paveway II)
AGM-114 Hellfire
SBAT-70/19 rocket launchers
LAU-68 rocket launchers for unguided or Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS) 2.75 in/70mm rockets
Radar/Sensors: Laser INS with GPS navigation system
Brite Star II forward looking infrared (FLIR)
Countermeasures/ Defenses: Light armor
AN/AAR-60(V)2 Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS)
Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
ALE-47 Chaff and flare dispensers
Misc Systems: Heads up display (HUD)
Helmet mounted display system
2 x Color multi-function displays (CMFD)
Integrated V/UHF Radio with provisions for data-links


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