First US-Supplied MRAPs Arrive in Egypt

The first shipment of mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles (MRAP) from the US has been delivered to the Egyptian military, according to the US Embassy in Egypt. While the number of vehicles delivered was not stated, it is the first round of MRAPs out of 762 the US plan to send to Egypt. According to the embassy, “this new […]

U.S. Security Cooperation With Iraq

The United States is committed to building a strategic partnership with Iraq and the Iraqi people. Under the Strategic Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States, we remain dedicated to helping Iraq improve security, maintain sovereignty, and push back against terrorism, most recently ISIL. U.S. security cooperation activities are increasing the Iraqi Security Forces’ […]

Iraq Apathetic to U.S. Equipment Offer

The Iraqi government has accepted only a fraction of fighting vehicles the U.S. has offered to provide it, indicating leaders in Baghdad desperately holding their country together amid the Islamic State group onslaught may be trying to appease multiple masters. Amid the rise of the Islamic State group late last year, U.S. News reported the […]

Islamic State Shows Off ‘Spoils of War’ From Recent Battles Near Fallujah

The Islamic State released footage showcasing recent fighting in the town of Karmah which sits just east of Fallujah. The video, which is over ten minutes long, is produced by the jihadist group’s Wilayat al Fallujah, its administrative division for the area. The video features heavy gunfights between Iraqi Security Forces and jihadists. Several technicals […]

Kurdish Official Hits Administration Over Delayed Weapons

Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are only receiving a fraction of promised U.S. military support, a top Kurdish official warned on Monday. “President Obama’s Iraq train-and-equip fund, which comes to $1.6 billion, gave us great hope that American weapons would be delivered in early 2015,” said Bayan Sami […]

Victorious Kurds Ask U.S. for Promised Guns

With the victory this week over Islamic State forces at Kobani, Syria, one might think that the U.S. and Iraqi governments would be looking to increase shipments of armaments to the Iraqi Kurdish forces fighting on the ground. But according to the Kurd overseeing much of the ground campaign in Northern Iraq, his Peshmerga units […]

Security Assistance Enterprise Delivers Vehicles to Iraq

The U.S. Army Security Assistance Command, also known as USASAC, has implemented and completed a case for delivery of 250 Mine Resistant Armor Protected, or MRAP, vehicles to the Iraqi government. This complicated and monumental task Dec. 23 was achieved in less than 90 days by USASAC and its security assistance enterprise partners. The MRAPs […]

US Donates More Abrams Tanks, Humvees to Iraq

The United States provided the Iraqi armed forces with $300 million in donated military equipment in 2014, and over the next two months will deliver six more Abrams tanks and 50 up-armored Humvees at no cost to the Baghdad government, according to information provided by the US Embassy in Baghdad. The deliveries come on the […]

US Troops Under Fire; Baghdad Gets Hundreds of MRAPs

The 320 US soldiers and Marines at Al Asad air base in western Iraq have been coming under “regular” mortar fire from insurgent forces for several weeks, Defense Department spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters Monday. While Warren insisted that the attacks have been “wholly ineffective” and “no US personnel, no US equipment have been […]