King Air B-200

Israel Hones Manned-Unmanned Operating Procedures

Israel’s air force is using unmanned air vehicles in a variety of missions, the number of which is continuously increasing. Many of the flights are performed in conjunction with manned aircraft, including fighters, helicopters and intelligence-gathering assets. This situation requires very clear operational procedures, to enable the performance of sometimes very complicated missions using the […]

Israel AF Describes UAV Ops in Gaza

It has been over two weeks that the IAF’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and reconnaissance squadrons have been working around the clock-first in the skies above the West Bank as part of Operation “Brother’s Keeper” and then in southern Israel following the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip. Over the past few days, the […]

Israel’s Intelligence Factory in the Sky

On any given night, a Hofit (“stint”) plane might fly over the Israel-Lebanon border, as a team of intelligence scouts on board pours over images from the ground, snapping high quality photographs and searching for Hezbollah activities. The scouts will send their data back to Military Intelligence, which will proceed to analyze the visual intelligence, […]