Baynunah Class (Combattante BR70)

Operator: United Arab Emirates
Status: In Service
Number: 6 (3 built, 3 under construction)
Names: P171 Baynunah
P172 Al-Hesen
P173 Al-Dhafra
P174 Mezad (under construction)
P175 (under construction)
P176 Al-Hili (under construction)
Cost: $500-545 m ‘Project Baynunah’
Acquired: 2011-Present
General Specs
Country of origin: France/UAE
Class: Corvette
Manufacturer: Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (P171 only)
Abu Dhabi Ship Building
Introduced: 2009
Displacement: 915 tons
Propulsion: 4 x MTU 12V595 TE90 diesel engines (Hydrojet)
Power: 22,500 hp
Speed: 36.8 mph (32+ kt)
Length: 233.9 ft (71.3 m)
Beam: 36.1 ft (11 m)
Draft: 9.2 ft (2.8 m)
Hull Material: N/A
Fuel Capacity: N/A
Range: 2,761.9 miles (4,444.8 km/2,400 nm)
Crew: 43
Guns: 1 x 76mm 62 cal. OTO Melara SuperRapide
2 x 27mm Rheinmetall MLG
Anti-air: 32 x RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (4 x 8 cell Mk56 VLS launchers)
21 x RIM-116 block 1A RAM (1 x Mk39 Mod. RAM launcher)
Anti-ship: 8 x MM40 block 3 Exocet SSM
Other: Mine rails (capable)
Radar/Sensors: Selex IPN-S command and control system
Selex NA-25XM fire control system
Sagem Vigy EOMS infrared search and track
L-3 ELAC Nautik NDS 3070 Vanguard hull-mounted mine and obstacle avoidance sonar
Saab Microwave Systems Sea Giraffe AMB 3D surveillance radar
Terma I-band navigation radar
Salex Orion RTN 25 X-band radar
Countermeasures/Defenses: Saab Avitronics NLWS310 laser warning system
Elettronica SLR-736E radar electronic support measures system (ESM)
Thales Altesse  communications ESM
Rheinmetall Waffe Munitions MASS decoy system
Misc Systems: 1 x AS 565 Panthar ASW helicopter
Remotely operated vehicle for mine disposal


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