MHV-54 Class (Type 332MJ)

Operator: Turkey
Status: In Service
Number: 6
Ships: M265 Alanya
M266 Amasra
M267 Ayvalik
M268 Akcakoca
M269 Anamur
N270 Akcay
Cost: $625 million deal
Acquired: 2005-2010
General Specs:
Country of origin: Germany/Turkey
Class: Minehunter
Manufacturer: Lurssen/Abeking & Rasmussen
Introduced: 2005
Displacement: 715 tons full load
Length: 54.5 m
Beam: 9.6 m
Draft: 2.5 m
Hull Material: non-magnetic steel
Propullsion: 2 x 8V diesel
Speed: 14 knots
Range: 2,400 nm
Fuel Capacity:
Crew: 59
Guns: 1 x 30mm
2 x 12.7mm 50 cal. Machine gun
Anti-air: None
Anti-ship: None
Other: None
Radar/Sensors: 1007 navigation
Marconi Type 2093 variable depth sonar
Nautis-3M command and control system
Defense/ Countermeasures: 2 PAP-105 Mk5 mine counter system

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