9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel)

Operator: Status: Number: Cost: Supplier: Acquired:
Algeria In Service <400 Unknown Soviet Union 1981-1982
Egypt In Service <580 Unknown Russia 1992-1995
Iran In Service >2,900 Unknown Initially from Russia, now produced domestically (called the Towsan-1) 1999-
Kuwait In Service <240 Unknown Unknown 1994
Morocco In Service <100 Unknown Russia 2001
Syria In Service <400 Unknown Soviet Union, possibly replacement stocks from Iran 1984-1987
Hezbollah In Service ~50 Gifted Likely Iran Before 2006
Houthis In Service ~30 Gifted Likely Iran Before 2015
Syrian Rebels In Service ~50 Seized and Gifted Syrian army inventories and Saudi Arabia 2013
ISIS In Service ~10 Seized Syrian army inventories 2014
Hamas In Service ~10 Gifted Likely Iran 2010
General Specs
Country of origin: Soviet Union
Manufacturer: Soviet Union/Russia: KBP Instrument Design Bureau; Iran (Towsan-1): Aerospace Industries Organisation (starting in 2000)
Introduced: 1973
Guidance: Wire-guided semi-automatic command to line-of-sight (SACLOS)
Range: 13,123 ft/2.5 miles (4,000 m)
Missile length: 3.1 ft (95.3 cm)
Missile diameter: 5.3 in (135 mm)
Missile weight: 55.6 lbs (25.2 kg)
Launcher length: 51.2 in (1.3 m)
Launcher weight: 49.6 lbs (22.5 kg)
Warhead type: High explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shaped charge
Armor penetration: 25.6 in (650 mm)
Missile velocity: 656.2 fps (200 mps)
Launch platform: Dismounted tripod, truck or armored vehicle mounted, or helicopter launched
Notes: Dismounted weapon components includes folding tripod, fire control system, battery, and launch tube
Optional TPVP/1N65 thermal sight


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