9M133 Kornet-E (AT-14 Spriggan)

Turkish Tank Survives Kornet Missile Strike

A Turkish M60T – a version of the US-made tank upgraded by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) – has apparently survived being hit by the latest Russian man-portable anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system. The attack was seen in a video released by the Islamic State militant group on 19 April and showed a man firing a […]

Turkey Kills 32 ISIS Militants in Iraq After Tank Hit

Some 32 militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were killed in a Turkish Armed Force operation in Bashiqa near Mosul on April 19 after the militants launched an attack on a tank belonging to the Turkish army in the Bashiqa training camp. Ten militants were killed in the operation and 22 others […]

IDF, Hamas Prepare for Next Conflict

A little under a year since the outbreak of the 50-day conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, the Egyptian-mediated truce still holds, but both sides are preparing for renewed hostilities. Hamas fighters are training intensively in the Gaza Strip and detonating explosives right next to the border so they can be heard […]

BMP Upgrades Drive Algerian Modernization

Russia’s KBP Instrument Design Bureau says it has started upgrading 360 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for the Algerian Army in a follow-up order to more than 400 upgraded IFVs recently delivered to the North African country. Military observers view the rapid modernization drive as part of a larger Algerian effort to improve its land […]

Algeria to Get Another 360 Upgraded BMPs

Russia’s KBP Instrument Design Bureau has started to fulfil the second part of a contract to upgrade Algerian BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), according to Vladimir Popov, the director general of the KBP subsidiary Shcheglovsky Val. “Previously, more than 400 upgraded BMP-1s were delivered to Algeria,” Popov told the TASS news agency. “KBP has started […]

Putin Vows To Boost Arms Sales To Egypt’s Sisi

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday promised Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to speed up the delivery of billions of dollars in arms and invited Cairo to forge free trade ties with a Moscow-led customs bloc. The two strong-willed leaders have developed a warm working relationship since Putin gave his backing to Sisi’s presidential run […]

Hamas Uses Anti-Tank Weapons Against Israeli Ground Forces

Man-portable anti-tank weapons are playing a major role in Hamas counterattacks against Israel’s ground incursion into Gaza, and have accounted for around 40% of the fatalities experienced by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) during the first ten days of the ground operation. Up to 18 of the 43 reported IDF fatalities during this period were […]

Iran’s Maritime Mirage

Iran is doing enough damage in the Middle East through unconventional methods without requiring a robust navy. That is why an idea floated by a key Iranian military leader to build naval bases in Yemen and Syria makes absolutely no sense. Mohammad Bagheri, the chief of Iran’s armed forces general staff, suggested last month that […]

The Mideast’s Precision Guided Arms Race

Precision guided munitions (PGMs) encompass a growing range of bombs and missiles designed to destroy targets on land, at sea, or in the air. While platforms like fighters, armored vehicles, and warships often receive more attention, their lethality is almost negligible if not bolstered by advanced munitions. With minor updates, today’s PGMs allow even older […]

Israel Bolsters Its Sinai Border Amid ISIS Threats

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released an audio message this weekend threatening Israel with a devastating attack. The message was Baghdadi’s most direct warning yet against the Jewish state, but one that will not have come as a surprise in Jerusalem. Israel deems the group’s branch in Egypt’s neighboring Sinai Peninsula its most effective […]