Assorted SAMs

Open source information on Hezbollah’s weapon arsenal is difficult to glean due to the organization’s lack of transparency. has created broad categories of Hezbollah weaponry to provide a general sense of capabilities.

For Hezbollah, the category Assorted SAMs  includes the following: SA-7, SA-8 (Gecko), SA-14 (Gremlin), SA-16 (Igla-1), SA-18 (Igla), FIM-92 Stinger, and QW-1. The size and exact breakdown of the stockpile is unclear, however.

In 2009, Israeli officials told their American counterparts that Hezbollah was in the possession of “dozens of SA-14, SA-7, and QW-1 anti-aircraft guns.” According to recent press reports, Israeli officials are worried Hezbollah has obtained advance weaponry during the midst of the ongoing conflict in Syria. Indeed, in March 2012, Haaretz reported that hundreds of Hezbollah fighters were undergoing training “in the use of advanced antiaircraft weapons.”

In late January 2013, the Israeli Air Force conducted a strike in Syria against Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, which were believed to be headed for Hezbollah. Similarly, in November 2013, the Israeli Air Force targeted another batch of “missiles and related equipment” in Syria that they believed were headed for Hezbollah.

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Israel Raises Hezbollah Rocket Estimate to 150,000

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Hamas Tests Missiles Against Israel

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