Assorted Anti-Ship Missiles

Open source information on Hezbollah’s weapon arsenal is difficult to glean due to the organization’s lack of transparency. has created broad categories of Hezbollah weaponry to provide a general sense of capabilities.

For Hezbollah, the category Assorted Anti-Ship Missiles includes the following: C-802 and Yakhont missiles. The size and exact breakdown of the stockpile is unclear, however. In fact, in 2009, Israeli officials told their American counterparts that they believed Hezbollah possessed “an unknown quantity of C-802 coastal missiles.”

During the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, a C-802 missile was fired at an Israeli naval vessel in an attack that killed four. More recently, Israeli officials have expressed concern that Hezbollah may try to use anti-ship missiles to target installations linked to Israel’s gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea.

In July 2013, the Israeli Air Force struck a stockpile of Yakhont missiles that were stationed in Syria and may have been destined for Hezbollah. According to U.S. officials, the entire stockpile was not eliminated as some of the missiles had been moved in advance.

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