AM39 Exocet

Operator: Egypt Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Status: In Service In Service In Service In Service In Service
Number: 40 36 20 24 64
Acquired: 1982 – 1983 1985 – 1991 1984 1990 1983 – 2003
General Specs:
Country of origin: France
Manufacturer: Aérospatiale/MBDA
Introduced: 1979
Range: 31.07 miles (50 km); 43.50 miles (70 km) from 6.21 miles (10 km) altitude
Warhead: 363.76 lb (165 kg) HE-fragmentation warhead and proximity fuze
Speed: Mach 0.9
Weight: 1,477.1 lb (670 kg)
Length: 15.39 ft (4.69 m)
Diameter: 1.15 ft (0.35 m)
Wingspan: 3.61 ft (1.1 m)
Propellant: Single-stage solid propellant rocket motor
Guidance System: Active radar homing out to 14.91 miles (24 km), inertial navigation
Launch Platform: Fixed-wing and helicopter launched
Alpha Jet MS-2 AS-332 Super Puma Mirage 2000 AS-532 Cougar Mirage 2000-9
AS-332 Super Puma


The Mideast’s Precision Guided Arms Race

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