Alvand Class (Vosper Mk 5)

Operator: Iran
Status: In Service
Number: 3 (was 4)
Ships: 71 Alvand (formerly DE12 Saam)
72 Alborz (formerly DE14 Zaal)
73 Sabalan (formerly DE16 Rostam)
74 Sahand (formerly DE18) (Sunk April 18, 1988)
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: 1971-1972
General Specs:
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Class: Frigate
Manufacturer: Vosper Thornycroft, Vickers
Introduced: 1968
Displacement: 1250 tons (1540 tons full load)
Length: 310 ft (94.5 m)
Beam: 36 ft (11 m)
Draft: 10.8 ft (3.3 m)
Hull Material: Unknown
Propullsion: 2 x Rolls-Royce Olympus TM-3A gas turbine
2 x Paxman 16-cyl Ventura diesel
Speed: 39 knots
Range: 4,859 nm
Fuel Capacity: Unknown
Crew: 135
Guns: 1 x 4.5 inch (114mm) Vickers MK8
2 x 12.7 50 cal. Machine guns
Anti-air: 1 x dual 35mm 90 cal Oerlikon AA
2 x 20mm Oerlikon GAM-B01 AA
Anti-ship: 4 x C-802 (YJ-2) anti-ship missiles
(formerly Sea Killer and Sea Cat missile systems)
Other: 2 x 81mm mortar
1 x Limbo MK10 mortar
2 x 12.75 inch torpedo tubes

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