Al-Khalid (MBT-2000)

Operator: Morocco
Status: In Service
Number: 54 (150 reported ordered)
Cost: $300 million deal
Acquired: 2010
General Specs
Country of origin: Pakistan/China
Manufacturer: Norinco (China) and Heavy Industries Taxilla (Pakistan)
Introduced: 2002
Combat Weight: 48 tons
Length: 33 ft (10.06 m)
Width: 11.2 ft (3.4 m)
Height: 7.5 ft (2.3 m)
Range: 267.2 miles (430 km)
Engine: Ukrainian 6TD 1200hp
Track: Metallic with RMSh, with rubber-tyred road wheels
Road Speed: 38.5 mph (62 km/h)
Offroad Speed:
Loader: Auto
Crew: 3
Armor Composite; Rolled Homogeneous Armor; Explosive Reactive Armor
NBC Protection Yes
Nightvision Yes
Laser detection ATCOP LTS 1
Main Armament 125mm smoothbore (39 rounds)
Secondary Armament 7.62mm (3000 rounds)
Misc Systems: stabilised range-finder sight, computer, commander’s control panel, laser range-finder, crosswind sensor, tilt sensor and angle velocity sensor

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