AH-1 Cobra

Lockheed Martin Awarded $12 Million to Provide Hellfire Missile Launchers to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Others

Lockheed Martin Corp., Orlando, Florida, was awarded a $12,282,400 modification (P00031) to foreign military sales (Saudi Arabia, Italy, Pakistan, Netherlands, and Jordan) contract W31P4Q-15-C-0043 to exercise option two for 100 Hellfire M299 launchers.  Work will be performed in Orlando, Florida, with an estimated completion date of May 31, 2019.  Multiple fiscal year other funds in […]

Raytheon Awarded $9 Million to Procure TOW Missiles for the Royal Jordanian Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps

Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, Arizona, was awarded a $9,168,750 modification (P00030) to foreign military sales contract W31P4Q-12-C-0265 to procure tube-launched, optically-tracked, wireless-guided (TOW) missiles for the Marine Corps and the Royal Jordanian Air Force. Fiscal 2010, 2014, and2015 other procurement and other procurement (Army) funds in the amount of $10,837,500 were obligated at the time […]

US Halted Israeli Arms Transfer to Nigeria

The United States suspended the resale of US-made military helicopters by Israel to the Nigerian government for its fight against Boko Haram last summer, according to Abuja. The transfer of such aircraft requires a review to determine its “consistency with US policy interests,” Obama administration officials told The Jerusalem Post. Reviews of this kind take […]

Bahraini Air Force Details Modernisation Plans

The Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF) is to embark on a comprehensive modernisation plan to enhance the capabilities of both its fixed- and rotary-winged combat fleets, a senior officer disclosed on 22 January. Speaking at the IQPC International Military Helicopter conference in London, Colonel Salah Al Mansoor, Head of Planning, HQ, RBAF, said that the […]

Israel Retires Cobra Attack Helicopters

The IAF has quietly retired one of its oldest and most venerable weapon systems recently. The AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter OrBat, which entered service in 1975, was demobilized pursuant to a decision (in the context of the recent cuts in the defense budget) to discontinue using the outdated helicopters. The demobilization process was executed in […]

Israel Swaps Killer Copters for Killer Drones

Israel has pulled from service one of its most battle-proven military aircraft. The Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunship, which served with distinction in a long line of campaigns since the mid-1970s, is being replaced … with drones. The news comes as no surprise to close observers of the Israeli air force. In fact, the last […]