AGM-84A Harpoon

Operator: Egypt Kuwait
Status: In Service In Service
Number: 32 21
Cost: $51 million
Acquired: 2000-2001 2003
General Specs:
Country of origin: United States
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas (Now Boeing)
Introduced: 1977
Range: 114.95 miles (185 km)
Warhead: 487.22 lbs (221 kg) WDU-18/B penetrating HE-Frag
Speed: Mach 0.9
Weight: 1144.2 lbs (519 kg)
Length: 12.63 ft (3.85 m)
Diameter: 13.50 inches (34.3 cm)
Wingspan: 35.43 inches (90 cm)
Propellant: Teledyne/CAE J402-CA-400 turbojet
Guidance System: Active radar homing to detect and track enemy vessels; inertial navigation used until missile reaches target area.
Accuracy: Over 90% success rate
Launch Platform: Fixed-wing aircraft
F-16C/D F/A-18C/D