AGM-114 Hellfire

Operator: Status: Number: Cost: Acquired: Variants:
Egypt In Service <500 / 356 Part of $488 million AH-64 package (1990); $45 million (1996); $51 million (2009); $57 million (2015) 1994 AGM-114A/K/R3
Iraq In Service / On Order <5500 / 6000 $700 million (2014); $82 million (2015); $800 million (2016) 2009 AGM-114A/K/L/N/R
Israel In Service / On Order <1930 / 2000 $45 million (1995); $50 million (2004); Part of $1.879 billion munition package (2015) 1990 AGM-114C/F/K/L3/R
Jordan In Service <50 2014 AGM-114K/M
Kuwait In Service <788 $868 million (2002); $49 million (2012) 2007 AGM-114K3/R3
Lebanon In Service / On Order ~500/~500 $146 million (2015) 2016 AGM-114R*
Qatar On Order 700 $137 million (2012) AGM-114K3A/R3
Saudi Arabia In Service / On Order <3232 / 1536 Part of $25.6 billion helicopter package (2010); Part of $3.3 billion AH-64E package (2010); Part of $1.9 billion MH-60R package (2015) 1993 AGM-114A/K/R
Tunisia On Order 100 Part of $700 million UH-60M package (2014) AGM-114R
Turkey In Service 200 $6.7 million (1999) 2000 AGM-114K/M
United Arab Emirates In Service / On Order <651 / 4000 Part of $526 equipment package (2009); $65 million (2011); $476 million (2016) 1993 AGM-114K/L3/M3/N/R3
General Specs
Country of origin: United States
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Type: Air-to-surface missile with variants for anti-armor, buildings, soft-skin vehicles, and multipurpose use
Introduced: 1982
Guidance: Semi-active laser (Hellfire II) or millimeter wave radar (Longbow)
Range: 4.97 miles (8 km)
Length: 64-69 in (162.6-175.3 cm)
Diameter: 7 in (17.8 cm)
Weight: 99.8-107 lbs (45.3-48.5 kg)
Warhead type: AGM-114A/B/C: 18 lb single shaped-charge (HEAT, non-reactive armor)
AGM-114F/K/L: 20 lb tandem high explosive charge (HEAT, reactive armor)
AGM-114M: Blast fragmentation (soft targets)
AGM-114N: Metal agumented charge (urban structures, bunkers, radar sites, communication installations, and bridges)
AGM-114R: Integrated blast frag sleeve (multipurpose)
Fuse: Impact fuse; AGM-114N & R use a variable-delay fuse
Speed: Mach 1.3 (997.5 mph / 1,605.2 km/h)
Propulsion: Solid-propellant rocket
Launch platform: AH-6i, AH-1, AH-1W, AH-64A, AH-64D, AH-64E, T129, IA-407, 407MRH, OH-58D, AH-60, UH-60M, MH-60R, S-70B, AC-208B, AT-802U, A-29, MQ-1B, MQ-1C, MQ-9


Hellfire Systems to Exercise Option for Hellfire II Missile Production Requirements to Include Saudi Arabia and Jordan

HELLFIRE SYSTEMS, LLC, Orlando, Fla., was awarded a $157,362,903 modification (P00068) to firm-fixed-price contract W31P4Q-11-C-2042, to exercise option for fiscal 2014 Hellfire II missile production requirements. This contract involves foreign military sales to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Indonesia. Fiscal years 2012, 2013 and 2014 funds in the amount of $157,362,903 are being obligated on award. […]

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