302mm Khaibar (M-302)

Operator: Syria Hezbollah Hamas
Status: In Service In Service In Service
Number: Unknown Unknown Unknown
Acquired: 2006 Pre-2006 2014
Cost: Unknown Likely gifted Likely gifted
General Specs
Country of origin: Syria (Possibly based on Chinese WS-1B design)
Manufacturer: Syria
Introduced: 2006
Class: Long range artillery rocket
Range: 62.1-132 miles (100-212.4 km)
Warhead: 385.8 lb (175 kg); Possible cluster munition
Weight: 1,155 lb (524 kg)
Length: <16 ft (<5 m)
Width: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Platform: A rack-like multiple rocket launcher which is typically truck or trailer mounted.
Guidance system: None
Accuracy: Poor
Crew: 2-3
Combat history: During the 2006 war in Lebanon, Hezbollah fired multiple Khaibars into Israel hitting Haifa, Afula, and as far south as Hadera.On March 5, 2014 the Israeli Navy intercepted a shipment of “dozens” of rockets identified as “M-302” rockets aboard a cargo ship name the Klos-C in the Red Sea. The rockets were allegedly shipped from Syria to Iran and destine for Sudan where they would be taken by land through Egypt to Gaza. These may be an improved version of the Khaibar.There is no evidence of use in Syrian Civil War.


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