300mm KN-09

Operator: North Korea
Status: In Service
Number: ~100
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: 2013
General Specs
Country of origin: North Korea – with Chinese assistance
Manufacturer: North Korea
Introduced: 2013
Category Long-range multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) – potentially guided
Rocket Weight: Unknown
Rocket Length: Unknown
Barrel/Tube Length: Unknown
Platform: Chinese-made HOWO ZZ2257M5857A 6×6 truck
Caliber: 300mm
Propulsion: Solid fuel
Guidance: Potential GPS-based guidance
Rate of Fire: Unknown
Number of Launch Tubes: 8
Range: 62.1 –  118.1 miles (100  -190 km)
Traverse: At least 90 degrees
Sights: N/A
Accuracy: Unknown – potentially 164 – 820 ft (50 – 250 m)
Crew: 3
Ammunition: May be based on Chinese SY300 guided rocket – 440.9 lbs (200 kg) warhead with either high explosives (HE), frag, submunitions, incendiary, smoke, or chemical payloads
Notes: Likely could also use unguided rockets.


China Assists North Korea with New 300mm Rocket Artillery System

China has apparently contributed significant technology to North Korea’s new 300 mm guided multiple rocket launcher (MRL). Following China’s late 2011 supply of six 16-wheel transporter erector launchers (TELs), North Korea’s new 300 mm MRL, which was first revealed during Pyongyang’s 10 October 2015 military parade, further illustrates the challenge in getting Beijing to comply […]