220mm TOS-1A

Operator: Iraq
Status: In Service
Number: At least 4
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: July 2014
General Specs
Country of origin: Russia
Manufacturer: Omsk Design Bureau
Introduced: 2001 (early models introduced in 1989)
Category Multiple rocket launcher (also know as a heavy flamethrower system because of the thermobaric rockets it fires)
Caliber: 220mm
Rocket weight: 478.4 lbs (217 kg)
Rocket length: 12.1 ft (3.7 m)
Barrel/Tube length: 12.1 ft (3.7 m)
Propellant: Solid fuel
Platform: T-72A tank chassis
Number of tubes: 24
Vehicle length: 23.6 ft (7.2 m)
Vehicle width: 11.8 ft (3.6 m)
Vehicle height: 10.2 ft (3.1 m)
Vehicle Powerplant: V-84MS diesel engine
Breech: N/A
Recoil: N/A
Rate of Fire: 24 rounds in 6-12 seconds
Range: 0.2-3.7 miles (0.4-6 km)
Traverse: 360 degrees*
Sights: Optical sight with laser rangefinder connected to fire control computer
Accuracy: Fair
Crew: 3
Ammunition: 220.5 lbs (100 kg) thermobaric or incendiary warhead
Notes: Ideal for use against bunkers and fortified positions


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