152mm M1955 (D-20)

Iraq Receives More T-72s, BMP-1s

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 16 December that it had received a consignment of tanks, armoured vehicles, and ammunition from Bulgaria. It provided no further details. The announcement came after photographs began circulating on social media showing a T-72 tank and as many as 12 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) that had […]

Iraq Receives Bulgarian D-20 Guns

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) unveiled, on 13 January, one of the 152 mm D-20 artillery pieces that were recently delivered from Bulgaria. In a video released by the MoD, a Bulgarian diplomat said that a total of 18 D-20s had been delivered. Bulgaria announced in September that it had donated surplus arms and […]