122mm BM-21 Grad

Houthi Missile Arsenal Holds a Key to Future Yemen Peace

A U.N. peace plan for Yemen seeks to deprive the country’s armed Houthi movement of its missile arsenal which Yemeni security sources say includes scores and maybe even hundreds of Soviet-era ballistic missiles pointed at their foes in Saudi Arabia. But whether the Iran-allied group will abandon the missiles hidden in mountainous ravines which have […]

Iraq Receives Bulgarian D-20 Guns

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) unveiled, on 13 January, one of the 152 mm D-20 artillery pieces that were recently delivered from Bulgaria. In a video released by the MoD, a Bulgarian diplomat said that a total of 18 D-20s had been delivered. Bulgaria announced in September that it had donated surplus arms and […]

Iraq Focuses on Swift Delivery of Russian Weaponry

A TOR-1A Solntsepek multiple rocket launcher (MRL) has been observed being unloaded in Baghdad: a revelation that appears to reflect a wider effort by Iraq to rapidly acquire inexpensive, but comparatively indiscriminate weaponry to fight the Sunni militants who have taken control of much of the north and west of the country. A Sunni opposition […]

Iraq Signs USD 1 Billion-Ams Deal with Russia

Iraqi government has recently signed a USD 1 billion-worth deal with Russian government to provide Iraqi army with heavy artillery, ballistic missile systems and ammunition. The Russian Interfax News Agency reported Wednesday that the deal was signed during a recent visit by Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun Al-Dulaimi to Moscow. It added that the deal also […]

Gaza Militants Unveil New Rockets

The armed wings of both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) have announced they are now armed with an array of new, longer-range rockets that they have made themselves: a development that makes the militants less dependent on rockets that are smuggled into the Gaza Strip to threaten Israel’s main population centres. The revelations […]