120mm Keshet (Cardom)

Israeli Develops ‘Pocket Artillery’ for Special Forces

Elbit Systems is validating through live-fire tests what it claims is the world’s first “pocket artillery” heavy mortar system for elite infantry and spec ops forces. Mounted on Humvees and jeeps, Spear mates light vehicle tactical agility with rapid-firing, autonomously operated 120mm mortars for lethal, low-signature maneuvering missions. It’s a compact version of the firm’s […]

Israeli Armor, Artillery Corps Shifting Emphasis

Tighter budgets and changing threats are forcing specialized Israeli Army corps to temper parochial ambitions to bolster a smaller, fire-fortified, combined arms maneuvering force. Just a year ago, Israel’s Artillery Corps was crafting a new mission statement and doctrine to transition from its traditional role of fire support to the leading ground force provider of […]