107mm Type 63 MRL

Operator: Status: Number: Cost: Acquired:
Hamas In Service >10 Unknown – acquired from Iran Unknown
Hezbollah In Service Likely dozens Unknown – acquired from Iran 1991-
Iran In Service ~750 Unknown – acquired from China and North Korea and now locally produced (Fadjr-1) 1981-1990
Iraq In Service <100 Unknown – Iran supplied to Shia militias 2014-
ISIS In Service <10 Likely seized from Iraqi and Syrian forces 2014
Jordan In Service ~6 Unknown 2002
Kurdistan Regional Government In Service ~12 Unknown Post-2003
Libya In Service <250 Unknown – acquired from China 1980-1984
North Korea In Service >3000 Unknown 1982-1985
Sudan In Service ~460 Unknown – originally acquired from China until local production began 2001-
Syria In Service <110 Unknown – acquired from China and North Korea 1982-85
General Specs
Country of origin: China
Manufacturer: Norinco – but copies have been produced in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, South Africa, Sudan, and Turkey
Introduced: 1961
Category Multiple rocket launcher (MRL)
Rocket Weight: 41.4 lbs (18.8 kg)
Rocket Length: High explosive (HE): 2.8 ft (841 mm); Incendiary: 3 ft (915 mm)
Barrel/Tube Length: Unknown
Platform: Usually towed but frequently mounted on vehicles ranging from light trucks to armored personnel carriers
System Weight: 1,327 lbs (602 kg)
Caliber: 106.7mm
Propulsion: Solid fuel
Guidance: None
Rate of Fire: 12 rounds can be fired in 7-9 seconds
Number of Launch Tubes: 12
Range: HE: 5.3 miles (8.5 km); Incendiary: 4.9 miles (7.9 km)
Traverse: 32 degrees
Elevation: -3 – +57 degrees
Sights: N/A
Accuracy: Low
Crew: 2-3
Ammunition: HE: 18.3 lbs (8.3 kg) warhead; Incendiary: 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg); also can carry a HE frag payload
Notes: Iranian copy is known as the Fadjr-1, the Turkish variant is known as the T-107, and the Sudanese is called the TAKA-1.
Rockets can be fired independently using improvised launchers however this can decrease accuracy further.


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