U.S. Forces Play Crucial Role Against ISIS in Mosul

One week after Iraqi forces began their push into western Mosul, American firepower is playing an essential role in softening the opposition from the Islamic State. The thunderous booms from howitzers near Hamam al-Alil, a town along the Tigris River, are just part of the American military’s contribution to keeping the Iraqi offensive moving forward. […]


Lockheed Awarded $7.7 Million to Provide Logistics Support for Iraq’s Integrated Air Defense System

Lockheed Martin Corp. – Rotary and Mission Systems, Manassas, Virginia, has been awarded a $7,702,239 cost-plus-fixed fee contract for contractor logistics support for the Iraq integrated air defense system. Work will be performed at Manassas, Virginia, and is expected to be complete by Jan. 31, 2018. This contract is 100 percent foreign military sales to […]


Sallyport Global Holdings Wins $200 Million to Provide Support Services to the Iraqi Air Force

Sallyport Global Holdings Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, has been awarded a $200,000,000 modification (P00019) on previously awarded contract FA8615-14-C-6020 for base life support, base operations support, and security for Balad Air Base, Iraq. Work will be performed at Balad Air Base, Iraq, and is expected to be complete by July 31, 2017. This contract is 100 […]


Iraqi Helicopters Are Now Flying With Laser-Guided Rockets

In November 2016, Iraqi military helicopters were spotted dropping dumb bombs, raising concerns about inaccurate air strikes that pose a danger to civilians. The next month, some of Baghdad’s pilots started blasting away at the Islamic State with laser-guided rockets. According to the U.S. Army, Iraqi Bell 407 scout choppers were launching the so-called Advanced […]


Pentagon Readies Aggressive ISIS Proposals for Trump

The Defense Department is prepared to provide the new administration with military options to accelerate the war against ISIS in Syria that could send additional US troops into direct combat, CNN has learned. These options would inherently increase the risk for US troops compared to what President Barack Obama was willing to accept. The options […]