The modern republic of Turkey was founded by Mustafa Kamal Attaturk in 1923, in the wake of World War I. Turkey, however, subsequently struggled with periods of instability due to military coups that occurred in 1960, 1971, 1974 and 1980. The Islamist government today, led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, successfully consolidated political power and purged the military of its top ranks, virtually ensuring against future military coups. The Turkish government faced significant domestic unrest in the summer of 2013, but it does not appear to be in danger of domestic instability. Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is a vociferous supporter of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, currently in control of the Gaza Strip. To this end, Ankara supported the May 2010 flotilla incident, where several Turkish citizens died attempting to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Turkey seeks membership in the EU, but its Islamist government may prove to be an impediment. Turkey was a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt before its 2013 demise. Turkey is also a leading actor in arming and organizing the Syrian opposition forces.

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Turkey Purges NATO Military Envoys After Failed Coup

Turkey has fired hundreds of senior military staff serving at NATO in Europe and the United States following July’s coup attempt, documents show, broadening a purge to include some of the armed forces’ best-trained officials. In a classified military dispatch seen by Reuters, 149 military envoys posted to the alliance’s headquarters and command centers in […]


Barber-Nichols Inc. Awarded $11 Million to Provide Parts for Mk 48 Torpedos for Turkey, Canada, and the Netherlands

Barber-Nichols Inc.,* Arvada, Colorado, is being awarded a $10,744,868 firm-fixed-price modification under a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee, cost, firm-fixed-price contract (N66604-15-C-3045) to exercise options for production of alternators and regulators and long lead material in support of the Mk 48 Mod 6 and Mod 7 Heavyweight Torpedo Program.  The Mk 48 Heavyweight Torpedo is the Navy’s […]


Turkish-Backed Rebels Clear ISIS From Turkey’s Syrian Border

Turkish-backed rebels on Sunday cleared Islamic State from Turkey’s Syrian border, securing a 90 km (55 miles) corridor and marking a substantial gain in Ankara’s plan to drive out Sunni militants and stop the advance of Syrian Kurdish fighters. The rebels, mainly Syrian Arabs and Turkmen fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, […]


ISIS Door Through Turkey Border Will Soon Slam Shut: Pentagon

The Islamic State group in Syria is about to lose access to Turkey’s porous border, the Pentagon said Thursday, a vital step in blocking foreign fighters from replenishing the jihadists’ thinning ranks. According to Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis, ISIS now retains control of only about 25 kilometers (15 miles) of border with Turkey along […]


Koç Holding’s Otokar Submits Offer to Mass Produce Turkish Indigenous Battle Tank Altay

Koç Holding’s defense company, Otokar, which developed the Altay main battle tank, announced it submitted its final offer to the Undersecretary of the Defense Industry (SSM) to start mass production of the vehicle, in a written statement on Aug. 29. “Following our initial offer in January, we submitted our final offer early today upon the […]


Covering the Bases: Reassessing U.S. Military Deployments in Turkey After the July 2016 Coup d’État

Download the full report here (PDF). The Republic of Turkey has been a reliable staging point for U.S. forces for more than six decades. Turkish bases have historically provided the U.S. military easy access to multiple theaters without having to build new infrastructure or forge new agreements. Today, American forces in Turkey are targeting the […]


The Saudi-led Coalition Is Not Ready to Fight the Islamic State

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited Saudi Arabia last week hoping to reassure nervous Gulf allies that American security commitments remain in force in the wake of last year’s Iran nuclear deal. In exchange, the White House was hoping to encourage the Gulf states to play a more active role in the […]


Putin’s Belligerence Reaches a Tipping Point

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet today after it violated the country’s airspace. The Turkish military claims it issued ten warnings before shooting down the aircraft, while Russia denies any breach of Turkish territory. The incident marks the most serious direct confrontation between a NATO member and Russia in half a century. Russian President […]


Russian Forays Into Turkish Airspace Challenge Ankara’s Syria Policy… And NATO

Russian warplanes entered Turkish airspace from Syria twice over the weekend, sending Turkish F-16s scrambling. In separate incidents on Monday, a Russian-made Syrian MiG-29 jet placed two Turkish F-16s patrolling the border under radar lock for several minutes. Later that day, Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries locked on to another flight of Turkish F-16s. The incidents […]


Should the U.S. Continue to Use Incirlik?

Turkey’s cabinet announced July 29 that the United States and coalition members targeting the Islamic State (ISIS) would be permitted to fly combat missions from Incirlik air base in south Turkey. This U.S.-Turkish facility is well positioned near the Syrian front, and offers the coalition greater tactical flexibility. It could certainly help in the effort, as […]


The Folly of Turkey’s Syrian Buffer Zone Plan

Ankara raised the prospect last weekend of a military operation to create a buffer zone along its Syrian frontier. While Turkey is officially part of a 60-nation coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), this military initiative would instead be focused on a different threat: the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (PYD) in Syria. […]


An Edge in the Desert

Weapons are pouring into the Middle East at an unprecedented rate. The Pentagon recently announced that it would sell six tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft to Israel for $1.3 billion, American hardware (including Apache helicopters) is being rushed to the Iraqi government to help in its battle against al Qaeda, and Washington has also restored military aid to Egypt after a brief hiatus. But Uncle […]

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