Since gaining independence in 1943, Lebanon has been beset with instability, as well as religious and ethnic tensions. A civil war between 1975 and 1990 left over 100,000 dead, and the country destabilized. In 1982, Israel invaded southern Lebanon in an effort to remove the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which had also established a base of operations inside the country.  Syria’s occupation of Lebanon (1976-2005), as well as the presence in the country of Iran’s proxy Hezbollah, has further inhibited true independence. The Syrian occupation ended following mass popular demonstrations, after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, likely at the hands of Syria and Hezbollah. In 2006, after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid, Israel attacked Lebanon, prompting the second Lebanon War. Lebanon remains unstable due to the pervasive influences of Syria and Hezbollah, the latter of which controls the Lebanese government, southern Lebanon and maintains a border dispute with Israel. Hezbollah is fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria, which has prompted reprisals in Lebanon by Syrian opposition forces.

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    $41.35 Billion

BAE Systems Awarded $618 Million to Provide APKWS Guided Rockets to the U.S. Military, Iraq, Lebanon, Others

BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc., Hudson, New Hampshire, is being awarded a not-to-exceed $618,343,700 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the procurement of Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II full-rate production Lots 5 through 7 in support of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, and governments of Iraq, Lebanon, Netherlands, Jordan, and Australia […]


Middle East States Almost Double Small-Arms Imports

Middle East countries have nearly doubled their imports of guns and ammunition within a year, figures on the small-arms trade show, raising questions over how many of the weapons are fuelling conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Libya. The latest bulletin of the Small Arms Survey, sponsored by western governments and published on Monday, shows that […]


Bell Helicopter Awarded $19 Million to Provide UH-1H Helicopters to Lebanon

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, was awarded an $18,935,563 modification (0005) to foreign military sales contract W58RGZ-11-G-0011 for the procurement of three UH-1H (Huey II) aircraft in support of the government of Lebanon.  Work will be performed in Fort Worth, Texas (99.85 percent); and Lebanon (0.15 percent), with an estimated completion date of […]


Saudi Says It Will Take Arms Bound for Lebanon

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said Saturday the kingdom will keep French military supplies previously intended for Lebanon under a $3 billion aid program, as Riyadh toughens its stance against Hezbollah. Last month the oil-rich Gulf state halted the program in protest against Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group fighting in support of Syria’s regime — which […]


Hezbollah’s Strategy in Syria Won’t Help Against Israel

Over the last three years of the Syrian Civil War, Hezbollah has increasingly operated as a regular army rather than in its traditional, decades-long role as a guerrilla force. The Shiite group has operated Syrian tanks and artillery, jeeps with recoilless rifles, and is even rumored to have acquired its own 75-tank armored brigade. As […]


French Deployments in the Middle East and North Africa

France is conducting multiple operations against Islamist militant groups throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This map displays the largest French deployments underway in the region. View the full map here. Sahel As part of Operation Barkhane, the French have 3,000 troops deployed across the Sahel region. Their mission is assist the countries of Mauritania, Mali, […]

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Artillery 510 (70)

Ground Vehicles 2,816 (114)

Guided Munitions 348 (3,000)

Personnel 76,400 (0)

Ships 20 (0)