Israel achieved independence in 1948 and was almost immediately forced to defend itself as neighboring Arab states launched a war to destroy the nascent country. The country faced additional threats in the decades that followed, most notably the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. More recently, Israel has contended with Palestinian intifadas (uprisings), particularly the second intifada of 2000-2005, which was marked by suicide bombing campaigns and other acts of terror. The country has also been involved in recent wars with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s primary strategic concern as of 2013 was Iran’s nuclear program, although military planners have also been forced to deal with rocket threats from Hezbollah and Hamas, and the rise of jihadi groups in Syria and Egypt. Israel, as of 2013, was engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the Palestinian Authority to reach a lasting agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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    $240.9 Billion
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    5.4% of GDP

Mattis Highlights U.S. Commitment to Israel’s Security

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis today met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem, where the secretary highlighted America’s strong bilateral ties with Israel and its commitment to Israel’s security. The United States wants to make its relationship with Israel “the strongest ever,” said Mattis, who added the U.S. intends to work with allies in the […]

Israeli Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Nuclear-Capable Missiles in Syria

High-resolution imagery released on Thursday confirms what Moscow-watchers and intelligence analysts have known since March of last year: the deployment of Russian nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in Syria. Captured on Dec 28 by the Israeli-built Eros B satellite, the spy-quality images were posted Jan. 5 on the website of ImageSat International (iSi), a subsidiary of Israel […]

In Israeli Military, Guarded Optimism for 2017

While war will continue to rage in much of the region writ large, Israeli military forecasts for 2017 are cautiously optimistic that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) may get through the year that began Sunday without having to wage major combat operations. “The probability for war in 2017, generally speaking, is low,” a senior defense […]

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Air Defense Systems 459* (12*)

Aircraft 648* (91*)

Artillery 1,488 (0)

Ground Vehicles 12,131* (611)

Guided Munitions 20,950* (23,200)

Personnel 641,500 (0)

Ships 77* (8)