Hamas, also known as Harakat al Muqawama al Islamiyya, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, is a Palestinian terrorist group established in 1987 in the Gaza Strip. Since its inception, the group has rejected Israel’s right to exist, and has been at the forefront of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis. In 2007, Hamas forcibly took control of the Gaza Strip from the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). Since then, the group, which receives support from Qatar, Turkey and Iran, has fought several wars with Israel, most notably in December 2008, and November 2012. Since 2001, according to the group’s own website, Hamas reportedly fired more than 11,000 rockets and mortars from Gaza towards Israel.

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Gaza Violence Escalates with Third Day of Fighting

The Israeli military traded fire with Hamas and other militant groups in the Gaza Strip for a third day on Friday, in the worst escalation of violence in Israel’s southern border area since the two sides fought a war in 2014. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, convened his security cabinet, or inner circle of ministers […]


Israel Discovers, Destroys Cross-Border Tunnel from Gaza

A combination of intelligence, boots on the ground and a ground-breaking tunnel detection system led to discovery Thursday of another cross-border tunnel extending into Israeli territory from southern Gaza. It was the second discovery in two months of the type of attack tunnels exposed during fierce urban combat in the summer 2014 war between Israel […]


Report: Hamas Taps Over 1,000 Terror Operatives to Dig Gaza Tunnels

According to Israel Radio report, the terrorist organization invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in the subterranean digging activities. Hamas employs more than 1,000 operatives to excavate underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported Thursday. According to the report, the terrorist organization invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in […]


Israel Developing ‘Underground’ Iron Dome

The Iron Dome missile defence system is widely credited with helping protect Israel from aerial missile attack. Now the country’s military establishment and defence companies are developing technology to shield them on a new front: underground. The country’s ministry of defence this week confirmed that the US had earmarked $120m over three years to help […]


Israelis Near Gaza Fear Hamas is Tunneling Beneath Them

Nissim Hakmon and his neighbors say they hear banging and clattering at night. They are convinced it can only mean one thing: Hamas is tunneling under their homes from Gaza and will one day emerge, guns blazing, to attack or kidnap them. The Israeli government says its investigations have not come up with any evidence […]

Hamas Ready for Fresh Conflict with Israel: Gaza Chief

Hamas is ready for a new confrontation with Israel thanks in part to the reconstruction of tunnels to fight the Jewish state, the Islamist Palestinian movement’s Gaza chief said on Friday. Ismail Haniya said the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades — Hamas’s military wing — were preparing “for any future clashes with the Zionist (Israeli) enemy”. “East […]

Hamas is Funding Islamic State in Sinai

Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip has been transferring tens of thousands of dollars a month to the Islamic State group’s Sinai branch over the past year, via one of its emissaries. The transfer of cash is just one part of the military and strategic cooperation between the two groups. The finances of Hamas’ […]


Washington’s Bad Military Bets in the Middle East

Last month, the Houthis took over Yemen, delivering a blow to Washington’s counterterrorism strategy, which held out Yemen as one of the few bright spots in an otherwise chaotic Middle East. Adding insult to injury, as Washington took steps to shutter its embassy earlier this month, the Houthis took all U.S. embassy vehicles parked at […]


Countering Gaza’s Mortars

Hours before the latest ceasefire was announced between Hamas and Israel, two Israeli civilians were killed and five others wounded near the Gaza border by Palestinian mortar fire. This followed a mortar attack Friday that killed four year-old Daniel Tragerman in kibbutz Nahal Oz. Though often overlooked because of their limited range and small size, […]


Hamas Infiltration Tunnels

View Gaza Incursion Tunnels in a larger map Since the start of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on July 17, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) discovered and destroyed 32 tunnels built by the terrorist group Hamas. 14 of those tunnels are reported to have crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Based on press reports and […]


Hamas’s New Commandos

Hamas rocket barrages are reaching deeper into Israel than previous conflicts, but Israel’s military brass is more concerned with the terror group’s newest tactic: commando raids. Hamas released a graphic video Tuesday, in which fighters from the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades are seen carrying out a tunnel-borne assault on Israeli soldiers at a base in Nahal Oz. […]


Gaza Rockets, Iranian Fingerprints

Hamas has fired more than 1,400 rockets into Israel, putting roughly two-thirds of the population in range, since the most recent round of violence erupted last week. Many of the variants can be traced back to the tenacious weapons smuggling efforts of Iran. When Israel’s navy seized weapons aboard the Klos-C on the Red Sea in early March, it appeared Israeli […]


The Syrian “M-302” Rockets Intercepted on the Red Sea

Early Wednesday morning, a special operations unit of the Israeli navy conducted what appears to be a long-planned boarding operation of a Panamanian-flagged ship, the Klos-C, which was transiting the Red Sea en route to Port Sudan. Members of the Shayetet 13 commando unit (Israel’s version of the U.S. Navy’s SEAL teams) seized “numerous advanced […]


An Edge in the Desert

Weapons are pouring into the Middle East at an unprecedented rate. The Pentagon recently announced that it would sell six tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft to Israel for $1.3 billion, American hardware (including Apache helicopters) is being rushed to the Iraqi government to help in its battle against al Qaeda, and Washington has also restored military aid to Egypt after a brief hiatus. But Uncle […]

H.R. 1649, Partnering to Detect and Defeat Tunnels Act

H.R. 1649, Partnering to Detect and Defeat Tunnels Act – The bill is designed to authorize the Secretary of Defense to enter into partnerships with Israel and other U.S. allies to develop technology to detect tunnels and for other purposes. The Secretary of Defense, coordinating with the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, would be permitted to enter into an agreement with Israel to partner and coordinate in developing and deploying technologies to detect and counter tunnels, including by:

  • Carrying out research, development, testing, and evaluation activities with respect to tunnel detection technologies
  • Carrying out operational testing of such technologies in both the United States and Israel.
  • Designating a military department or other DOD element as the lead federal agency for developing technology to detect and counter tunnels.
  • Having the Director of National Intelligence designate a senior intelligence officer to manage collection and analysis of intelligence regarding the tactical use of tunnels by state and non-state actors.
  • Having the Secretary of Defense submit a congressional report detailing instances of tunnels being used to attack the U.S. or allied installations, trends or developments in tunnel attacks throughout the world, technologies used, U.S. capabilities and plans to counter tactics.
  • Authorizing $5 million for research, development, test and evaluation, $8 million for research, development, test and evaluation in the DOD for the physical security program of the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office and $10 million for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Fund for FY 2016. 

H.R. 1130, the Iron Dome Support Act

H.R. 1130, the Iron Dome Support Act, was introduced on March 13, 2013. This bill commends Israel’s use of the Iron Dome to avert escalating tension in the Middle East, as well as its high success rate. The bill acknowledges that the State of Israel remains under constant threat from missiles, rockets, and mortar shells from Hamas and Hezbollah.

This legislation will explicitly include Hamas and Hezbollah as non-state actors threatening Israel’s qualitative military edge. As a result:

The United States remains committed to Israel’s qualitative military edge, including its advantage over non-state actors such as Hezbollah and Hamas, which boast increasingly sophisticated and powerful weapons as a result of support from Iran, Syria, and other state actors.”

The Iron Dome Support Act commends Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system’s impressive success rate in preventing massive Israeli civilian casualties, while also recognizing the system’s role in averting an escalation of Israeli operations during Operation Pillar of Defense. This bill, with Congressional and Senate approval, will affirm:

“The President, acting through the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State, is authorized to provide assistance, upon request by the Government of Israel, for the procurement, maintenance, enhancement, and sustainment of the Iron Dome defense system for purposes of intercepting short-range and medium-range rockets, missiles, and projectiles launched against Israel.”

H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013

H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, was made a law in early 2012. This law, following a recent Israel-Hamas conflict, further expressed the United States’ support for Israel attaining additional Iron Dome batteries. Consequentially, the legislation “urges the Department of Defense and the Department of State to explore with their Israeli counterparts and alert Congress of any requirements the Israeli Defense Force may have for additional Iron Dome batteries, interceptors, or other equipment.”

H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, was signed into law on January 1, 2013