Bahrain, a long-time British protectorate, gained independence in 1971. The King’s family members are Sunni Muslims, but the country’s population is majority Shi’ite.  As a result, the country has long struggled with social upheaval. For example, in 1981 the government thwarted an attempted coup by a Shi’ite group inspired by the Iranian revolution. Similarly, in the 1990s and again in 2011, popular Shia uprisings have threatened the stability of this tiny Gulf kingdom. Bahrain has claimed it is implementing reforms in recent years while simultaneously repressing the population, most recently with the assistance of forces from other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Bahrain is home to a major naval base used by the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

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    $28.36 Billion
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    4.5% of GDP
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GE Awarded $8 Million to Provide Aircraft Engine Technical Services to the U.S. Air Force, Bahrain, Israel, and Egypt

General Electric Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, has been awarded an $8,413,259 firm-fixed-price contract for engineering and technical services in support of GE engines. Contractor will provide support for F110-GE-100/129, A-10 TF-34, KC-135F-108, TF-39/F-138, F108-CF-100/200/201, F101-GE-102, F118-GE-100, J85-21B, F110, and F-16 C/D engines. Contractor engineering and technical services will be provided by the original manufacturer to elevate […]


White House Approves Jet Sales to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait: Corker

The White House has approved long-pending fighter jet sales to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, the chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker confirmed Wednesday. The package reportedly includes 72 Boeing F-15E Strike Eagles for Qatar and up to 40 Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets for Kuwait. Bahrain’s package includes Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters. […]


US Air Force FMS Changes Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, the US Air Force plans to roll out changes to its foreign military sales processes in the hopes of speeding up international purchases. Most of the changes will focus on the “front end” of the process, including improvements to the way the Air Force gathers requirements from a potential customer, […]


The Saudi-led Coalition Is Not Ready to Fight the Islamic State

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited Saudi Arabia last week hoping to reassure nervous Gulf allies that American security commitments remain in force in the wake of last year’s Iran nuclear deal. In exchange, the White House was hoping to encourage the Gulf states to play a more active role in the […]

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