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Taking the Lead, Hizballah Girds for Key Syria Battle on Assad’s Behalf

Throughout the bloody Syrian conflict, the ruling regime of President Bashar Assad has derided the armed opposition for its reliance on foreign fighters, usually seasoned militants that come from the battlefields of Chechnya, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq. But as a new campaign is set to start in the mountainous corridor between Damascus and the Lebanese […]

Syria Rebels Said to Have Seized Arms Cache in Homs

Syrian rebels in the central Homs province have taken over parts of an important arms depot, seizing a large quantity of weapons, a monitoring group said Wednesday. A Syrian security official inDamascus, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity, denied rebels had advanced or seized weapons, but said the fighting was still under way. The […]

Saudi Arabia’s Shadow War

Saudi Arabia, having largely abandoned hope that the United States will spearhead international efforts to topple the Assad regime, is embarking on a major new effort to train Syrian rebel forces. And according to three sources with knowledge of the program, Riyadh has enlisted the help of Pakistani instructors to do it. Pakistan and Saudi […]

Turkey Scrambles Fighters to Intercept Syrian, Russian Warplanes

Turkey has scrambled F-16 fighter jets to intercept the Russian and Syrian warplanes that were flying close to the country’s air space, a Turkish military statement said on Sunday. Two F-16 fighter jets were sent to intercept a Syrian SU-24 warplane, which was spotted approaching the Yayladagi town of southern province of Hatay near the […]

Chemicals Seized at Turkey’s Syria Border Raise Questions

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has raised questions over the seizure of chemical material, along with barrels of unidentified cargo, in vehicles which attempted to illegally cross the border from the Turkish side to the Syrian side over the weekend. “One person has been arrested. Barrels which are suspected to contain chemical material […]

Yemen Sunni Islamists, Shiite Rebels Cease Fire: Official

Shiite rebels and Sunni Islamists have stopped fighting in a northern Yemeni town after reaching a ceasefire that was urged by the Red Cross, a military official said Saturday. Three days of clashes that killed at least 11 people ended at 5:00 pm (14:00 GMT) on Friday, the official said according to the defence ministry […]