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Tunisia: Military Operation Underway to Track Terrorists After National Guard Officers’ Killings

A massive military operation is underway in the area of Tella, delegation of Goubellat (governorate of Beja), to chase a terrorist group who killed two National Guard officers on Thursday, informed sources said. The National Army used helicopters and military aircraft to shell the region and push terrorists entrenched in the mountain to show up. […]

3rd Israeli Killed in West Bank in 3 Weeks

Sariya Ofer, an IDF reserve colonel, was murdered overnight in his home in the Jordan Valley community of Brosh Habika. According to Ofer’s wife, who managed to escape, two Palestinians attacked them with metal rods and axes. “At this stage, the IDF is not yet confirming what type of weapons was used,” an IDF spokesperson […]

Jordan Can Protect Itself from Syrian Regime: King Abdullah II

King Abdullah II vowed Sunday to protect Jordan from the war in Syria, after the United States announced its warplanes and missiles will remain in the kingdom at the end of military exercises. “Should the world not act and help us adequately address this issue, and should this issue become a threat … then we […]

Kuwait: Iraq Owes $11.2 Billion In War Reparations

Kuwait has received $2.43 billion in war reparations from Iraq since the start of the year and is still owed another $11.2 billion, a senior official in the Guly emirate said on Tuesday. “Kuwait received $1.3 billion in January and $1.13 billion on April 25,” the official KUNA news agency cited Compensation Claims Commission chief […]