The unique Russian self-propelled antitank system Khrizantema-S was one of the main exhibits at Russia’s presentation at the international defense exhibition IDEX-2015. The system is capable of finding targets without optical visibility and destroying tanks of any type, including advanced models with dynamic armor.

The antitank missile system Khrizantema-S was designed and manufactured by the Kolomna Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, which is part of the holding company High Precision Systems.

The exhibition space of IDEX-2015 was used to showcase a full-scale version of the 9P157-3 combat vehicle platoon commander system. Participants at the demonstration highly praised the system.

“We decided to hold the first demonstration of the Khrizantema-S system while abroad at IDEX because of the large interest expressed in it by the UAE Armed Forces,” said Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov. He noted that, as part of the exhibition, Arab colleagues presented their own mobile platform designed for the system.

“From our side, we believe it is possible not only to deliver finished versions of our Khrizantema-S system, but we are also willing to work together to adapt our combat units to various platforms for the customer. Khrizantema-S is a unique, modern antitank weapon, therefore it is not surprising that it has attracted great attention from Arab countries,” said the Rostec CEO.

The Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank system is installed on a tracked chassis of the new BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle. This solution was enabled by unifying various components and assemblies to reduce the cost of production and subsequent operation of the machine, to improve its maneuverability, mobility, and ability to overcome swimming water obstacles.

The missile system can easily move at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour over rough terrain. On highways, it has a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. It has the capacity to travel up to 600 kilometers without refueling. Importantly, the Khrizantema-S can transition incredibly fast from a marching to combat state. As soldiers joke, the Khrizantema can “bloom” in twenty seconds.

Today, Khrizantema-S is the world’s only anti-tank missile system capable of detecting and destroying targets without optical visibility in smoke, fog, and snow, as well as at any time of the day, thanks to radar and optical laser channels. The simultaneous operation of two channels allows technicians to track two targets and launch rockets automatically.

The Khrizantema-S system is equipped with a unique radar system. The locator creates an invisible radio beam, acting in the millimeter range. When the beam finds its target and the rocket launches, the strike is inevitable. Guidance of the radio beam is carried out without operator intervention.

KRET enterprises participated in the effort to upgrade the 1L32 anti-tank radar system for the Khrizantema-S system. The IM-16-5 multifunction display created at the Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau replaced its 11 blocks with a total mass of more than 90 kg, making it one of the main parts of the radar station’s guidance system.

The 15 missiles in the system’s ammunition supply can be one of two types: an antitank missile with shaped-charge warhead or high-explosive antitank missile. The system can destroy armored vehicles including tanks; engineering structures; low-flying, low-speed air targets; boats and tonnage ships; and enemy forces (in shelters and in the open field) at a distance of up to 6 km.

According to the estimates from the Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, a battery of three Khrizantema-S military vehicles could repel the attack of a tank company of 14 tanks, destroying at least 60% of the advancing company. A high-explosive warhead incorporated into the missile system will further expand its application.