A non-commissioned military officer in the province of Kilis, Yalçın Nane, was killed by a gunshot from across Turkey’s border with Syria on July 23, Anadolu Agency reported. Two specialized sergeants, Fatih Kurt and Necef Çakmaktepe, were injured in the clash near the 5th Armored Brigade Border Post. “They were taken to hospital by ambulance, and their health status is fine,” Kilis Gov. Süleyman Tapsız said.

Hours before the clash, two Chechen-born Russian citizens were detained in Kilis while trying to cross into Syria illegally. According to a police statement, the two men will be prosecuted in Turkey on suspicion of attempting to join ISIS.

According to private broadcaster CNNTürk, the attack started at 13:30 and continued with more gunfire from the Syrian territory controlled by ISIL, prompting a proportional response by Turkish armed forces. […]