The US Congress has approved the transfer of six frigates being decommissioned by the US Navy to Taiwan and Mexico, but an expected transfer of ships to Turkey was not even part of the bill this year due to concerns about Turkish political developments.

After the US House of Representatives passed a bill approving the transfer of the frigates on April 7, on Dec. 19 the Senate “finally” approved the ships’ transfer, according to a story by the US weekly Defense News. “The 2012 version of the Naval Transfer Act, containing a number of ships for Turkey, also failed, largely due to concerns in Congress about Turkish political policies,” reported Defense News.

According to a Defense News report from April, political concerns led to the rejection of the previous frigate transfer bill by the previous Congress. “That bill would have provided more frigates for Turkey, which operates eight ex-US frigates, and which has long been a recipient of US military assistance.” […]