Syrian government forces have made modest territorial gains of 0.4% since the beginning of Russian airstrikes, with territory controlled by the government growing by about 120km2

The Syrian Army, backed by Russian airstrikes and various Shia militias under IRGC command, made net gains of around 240km2 against Sunni rebel factions, but suffered net losses of 120km2 to the Islamic State in the period from 29 September to 16 November 2015, according to the latest estimates by IHS Conflict Monitor.

Although the government has made notable gains south of Aleppo city, and managed to break the Islamic State siege on Rasin al-Aboud Airbase, it has suffered set-backs to Sunni rebels on the Hama front line, and the vital M5 highway link between Damascus and Homs has come under increased threat from Islamic State advances in recent weeks. […]