The Salafi organization in Gaza identified with ISIS (Islamic State) demanded on Monday that Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, release detainees from the organization within 72 hours and threatened to “open all the fronts” against Hamas if it failed to do so. The Israeli defense establishment is following events in order to see if the internal conflict is liable to lead to rocket fire at Israel.

The announcement by the Organization of Supporters of the Islamic State in the Holy Land was published shortly after a big explosion at Hamas security headquarters in Gaza that caused damage but no casualties. The Salafis, however, didn’t take responsibility for it.

Hamas security forces recently arrested 30-40 Salafists, claiming that they are identified with ISIS and laid explosive devices in public buildings, including UNRWA facilities and the Gaza home of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Dozens of activists have gone underground and Hamas is searching for them. […]