Meeting with Turkish officials this week in Ankara, US President Barack Obama’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Gen. John Allen continued to push for expanded access to İncirlik Air Base, with Turkish officials saying the US and Turkey are close to reaching a deal.

“US Special Presidential Envoy General (retired) John Allen, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Christine Wormuth, and an interagency delegation held constructive meetings over the course of July 7 and 8 with Turkish counterparts to discuss our mutual efforts as part of a broad coalition to degrade and destroy ISIS,” a statement from the US Embassy in Ankara said.

Allen, accompanied by Wormuth and a large number of Pentagon officials, met with a Turkish delegation that included Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu on Tuesday to discuss US-Turkish cooperation against ISIL. The meeting, which lasted eight hours, came amid discussions in Turkey about the possibility of a Turkish military incursion into Syria to prevent Kurdish advances in the north of Syria. Syria’s pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) forces have been successful against ISIS militants in Tel Abyad in the north. […]