Navantia has today delivered to the Algerian Navy the ship BDSL Kalaat Beni Hammad, after having repaired, modernized and extended its service life at its Navantia Ferrol Estuary shipyard.

The event, chaired by the representative of the Algerian Naval Forces, was formalized with the signing of minutes of delivery, signed by the director of Ria de Ferrol Repairs Lorenzo Miguel Rodriguez and the President of Algeria’s naval seaworthiness committee CER (Commission de Essais et de Recette) .

The work on board, to customer satisfaction in terms of quality and deadlines, began in June 2014, when the ship arrived at Ferrol, and have generated a significant workload for nearly 200 workers employed there, and also involving other production units, for example for systems and motors. This program called for the complete modernization of two units of the Algerian Navy, and has now been completed.

The first vessel, the BDSL 473 Kalaat BENI RACHED, arrived at Ferrol in November 2012 and was delivered in June 2014, so this program has lasted almost three years in which the work and cooperation of the Algerian delegations and crew with Navantia’s technicians has been highly successful, and has led to the successful completion of the program in terms of time, quality and performance.

This major modernization program has led to the strengthening of Navantia’s relationship with the Algerian Navy, and represents a significant opportunity for Navantia’s participation in future naval programs Algerian Navy.