The governor of Mosul, Asil Nujaifi, stated on Tuesday that the Iraqi government had come to an agreement with the Turkish government regarding the training of 3,000 militia fighters as a part of the US-led coalition mission to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Nujaifi also said that Turkey would contribute tents and clothing to the militias taking part in the mission, pointing out that weapons would be delivered by the Iraqi army. Nujaifi had previously told Kurdish news portal Rudaw that Ankara has agreed to send weapons and supplies for the retaking of Mosul and its surrounding province. Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city and remains under the control of ISIL. The governor of Mosul said Turkey would assist the coalition with military and logistical support and provide the coalition forces with ammunition and weapons.

ISIL fighters seized Mosul last June as they swept through northern Iraq toward Baghdad, meeting virtually no resistance from the army and establishing a self-declared caliphate straddling the border between Iraq and Syria. […]