New images released by the Libyan Air Force provide an interesting glimpse of the current operational assests at al-Watiya airbase, but more importantly, also indicate that the Su-22 reportedly undergoing overhaul is not an Su-22 (S-32MK) as previously thought, but rather a more modern Su-22M instead. The news comes just as it’s been confirmed that Libya Dawn now has one MiG-25PU operational, and is in the progress of bringing another three MiG-25s back to operational condition at Misrata.

Apart from this particular Su-22, still donning its green Jamahiriya roundel, and Libya Dawn’s four MiG-25s, another icon once presumed to have found its final resting place is now being refurbished to fight once more: The Mirage F.1AD, one of which is currently also being restored by the Libyan Air Force at al-Watiya.

The Su-22M, undergoing overhaul in one of al-Watiya’s forty-two remaining Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS), is one of the two reportedly being serviced in order to bring them back to operational condition. According to Libyan Air Force personnel present at al-Watiya, the first example was originally destined to fly in mid-February, but it seems that this claim was either overoptimistic, or that new problems arose during the overhaul. […]