Israel’s high command aims to sharpen the point of its spear with a potentially sweeping conceptual and operational revamp of its special operations forces for pre-emptive as well as rapid response ops near and far beyond its borders.

Proposals under discussion in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) General Staff include creation of a US Army Ranger-like regiment that combines specialty forces within the regular Army and a new joint special operations command (JSOC) that integrates elite air-, sea- and ground commando forces.

Under the proposed Special Forces Regiment, regular Army specialty infantry such as Egoz (Almond), which belongs to the Golani Brigade, and Rimon (Pomegranate), part of the Givati Brigade, may join undercover units such as Duvdevan (Cherry) from Central Command, the 101st Cobra battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade and the IDF’s Maglan special combat engineering force, sources here said. […]