The first two Lockheed-Martin F-35’s, called Adir (Awesome) in Hebrew, will be delivered to the IAF in December 2016.

Shortly before the US Congress votes on the nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel has publicly announced the efforts of its air force to double the flight range of the F-35 Stealth strike fighters, the fifth generation of the air force’s planes.

The Israeli version of the plane, manufactured by Lockheed Martin according to Israeli specifications, is called Adir (Awesome). The first two Adirs will be delivered to the Israel Air Force (IAF) in December 2016, and will join the Golden Eagle squadron at Nevatim Air Base in the Negev.

“Defense News” reported that Israel was now building infrastructure and local capabilities necessary for operating the Adir starting in late 2017, “With an eye on Iran and other complex, heavily defended theaters.” […]