The Islamic State claimed to have made advances in the central Iraqi city of Baiji after renewed clashes with Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and their Shiite militia allies.

In a video released by ‘Amaq News entitled “The arrival of Islamic State fighters to the vicinity of the Fatah Mosque after taking new locations within the city of Baiji,” the unofficial news agency of the Islamic State shows the jihadists in fierce firefights with pro-government forces. The video then cuts to a group of fighters outside the perimeter of the Fatah Mosque, which sits in the southern sector of the city. Al Jazeera has reported that government forces control ground in southern Baiji.

Last week, the Islamic State launched a counterattack on government personnel in the city. The BBCreported that the jihadists attacked with “sporadic bombings” and “heavy machine gun fire” in several districts. The push forced government forces to retreat to other areas as the jihadist group captured the central district. Additionally, Shafaaq News reported that the Islamic State advanced into several central and western districts in its counterattack. […]