The Islamic State seized control of a dam and overran a military barracks in the Thar Thar area in western Iraq over the past several days. Over 120 Iraqi soldiers and a senior general were killed during the Islamic State offensive.

In a video released by ‘Amaq News, the Islamic State’s unofficial news agency, the jihadist group claimed to have taken control of the Thar Thar dam, which is located northeast of Fallujah in Anbar province. Islamic State fighters attacked the complex with “explosive-laden vehicles,” or suicide car bombs, before engaging with Iraqi troops in a firefight, Reuters noted. Also, the jihadist group was able to take over a nearby military barracks.

The Islamic State video supports the news report. In the video, several fighters can be seen inside the dam complex showcasing different areas. The video shows fighters in control of a security checkpoint before the video switches to the military barracks. Several Humvees are seen to have been abandoned, while the Islamic State’s flag flies on a radio tower above. […]