The Iranian Navy experts have overhauled an F27 aircraft, 4 helicopters and a vessel, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced on Monday.

“The Tonb vessel, 4 helicopters and an F27 plane (Friendship) used for sea patrolling are among the units which will join the Navy’s vessel and airborne units after recent overhaul,” Sayyari told reporters in Tehran on Monday.

He said that the overhauled aircraft was grounded for 18 years and will come back into operation in Bushehr province in the next few days.

In relevant remarks in December, Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi praised the high capabilities of Iranian Navy forces and experts, underlining that the country can overhaul and build different types of surface and subsurface vessels.

“Our capabilities are growing each day and we have managed to promote and improve what we have, thanks to Iranian experts’ powerful hands,” Salehi said on the sidelines of a ceremony held in the Southern province of Bushehr to display the Navy’s new achievements.

“In the very near future we will witness the building, renovation and innovation of surface and subsurface vessels by the Navy,” he added.

Meantime, Salehi emphasized that Iran’s knowledge and capabilities to build different military tools and equipment has no message to the other world nations, but peace and friendship.

In recent years, Iran has made great achievements in the defense sector and gained self-sufficiency in manufacturing essential military hardware and defense systems.

Yet, Iranian officials have always stressed that the country’s military and arms programs serve defensive purposes and should not be perceived as a threat to any other country.